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Hello. I'm Gerard Way. I teach history at the local institute, and occasionally I paint. I'm also a vampire.
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All The Pretty Visitors


Trust was definitely something Augustus had a problem with. Even with his kind and caring demeanor, he was always apprehensive when speaking to someone of his own kind. Any other type of creature he was always able to handle gracefully, but when it came to other vampires, Augustus remained professional and slightly removed from the conversation. It was mostly due to his beliefs. The belief that vampires didn’t need to kill to survive, that they could get along, that the entirety of the supernatural races could co exist somehow, peacefully. He desired that most of all. He was not one for petty bloodshed and betrayal. Augustus had seen his share of it, and grew to hate it. He still remembered the first time his old companion smiled at him..right before he went off into battle and never returned.

He stayed silent as the other vampire went on about his creative process, nodding even though the creature hadn’t met his gaze. Licking his lips, he responded. “You’re a natural. I haven’t encountered a true natural in a couple of centuries at least.” He said it with some wonder, head tilting to the side. “You should finish it…and then I can take you on a tour of the gallery if you would like?” He didn’t know why he was offering to take him on a  tour the place. Usually, Augustus just let the visitors roam the hallways as they saw fit, taking in their surroundings. Perhaps he still felt bad for making Gerard feel bad..?

He never felt comfortable in the presence of other vampires. Because he understood them, being one himself. He knew what hunger and hate and that..madness could drive you too. And with any other vampire, you never quite knew what you would get. Did this other creature before him have control of his urges? Or was he like what Gerard used to be? A ravager? Insane. Those are the ones that you could never quite trust. Because that would trade anything for what they wanted most. Even their own family.

Gerard’s shoulders slumped and he tucked his hands in his pockets at the compliments that Augustus dished out. “I don’t know about a natural…” he shrugged. “I remember when it used to be nothing but stick figures. But, that was a few centuries ago…” Gerard glanced up at him in surprise. “I uh…I don’t know…” he trailed off. “I have school….” he motioned gently with his hand out the front door. “I’m sure my classroom would be a mess if I was late. But uh….I would love to see the gallery, of course.”

All The Pretty Visitors


He took the man’s outstretched hand carefully in his own, giving it a small squeeze. “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Withinghall.” Now that he was closer, he was able to examine the lovely creature a bit more closely. The messy dark hair and almost cherubic features made him seem ethereal, perhaps wise beyond his years. The way he carried himself hinted that somewhere underneath, there was a mischievous side waiting to bubble to the surface.

"The school, hm? I can’t even imagine what kind of hell you go through every day trying to get children to listen to you. I can barely get any of them to sit still long enough to draw a godforsaken circle, much less lecture them on the importance of "The Catcher in the Rye." His expression turned coy. "But then again, if you were my teacher..I might pay a bit more attention. Especially if you were the summoner of hurricanes." He tried to get the vampire to look directly at him, just for a moment..but to no avail. Augustus could remember being that nervous and unsure of himself..he could remember the way he felt in a new place. Cold, and alone. After the incident that had occurred in the last place he thought he belonged, it was hard to find his footing somewhere else. He was lucky Devilhaven had a surplus of buildings just waiting for the touch of something special.

He cast a glance back over to the painting, his arms crossing in front of his chest. “So..what were you thinking of when you painted this piece? I know any amazing artist just lets the paint work for itself..and I see that that is what you did here. I am just curious if there was something specific you were attempting to create?” The tone in his voice was jovial and curious. Augustus was usually very, very pleasant..until one got know him and realized how…interesting he could be. Ceruleans fixed back on the younger vampire as he waited for his response.  

"….likewise," Gerard said, in a lighter, softer tone. He’d always been shit at meeting new people. Especially in the last few years. Not to mention it was hard for him to trust anyone nowadays. Not to mention he didn’t really want anyone trusting him either. It was just too hard being an immortal and keeping friends.

Gerard chuckled. “No, no. I don’t teach English. I would hate myself as much as if not more than my students. I teach history,” he corrected the other vampire. The of course, the small ounce of confidence that he did have for a moment was quickly washed away at Augustus’s next comment. Another pink twinge crept up into his cheeks and he looked away again. Gerard cleared his throat. “I uh…I don’t know about the summoner of hurricanes. I’m not much of a fan of the rain…” he commented pathetically.

He was grateful when Augustus changed the topic to the unfinished canvas in front of them. “Umm….nothing..?” he said, a little unsure. “That’s not exactly how I paint. I don’t like planning anything. Whatever comes out…comes out. I let my hands do the work. Not my head. It tends to get in the way when I let it control my…creative process.”

All The Pretty Visitors


He hadn’t meant to startle the other vampire as much as he did, and immediately felt absolutely terrible for doing so as he watched the artist’s palette make its merry way to the floor, watched the blue paint only slightly taint the surface. Good thing the paint he was using was water based, and would be no trouble to clean up. He couldn’t help but smile as the younger creature explained his clumsiness. Adorable. Why hadn’t he seen this one around town before? Just as he was about to tell him it was no trouble at all, and just as he was going to warn him of the coffee cup at his feet, there it went as well. His demeanor didn’t change, however. He simply stood there, taking in the scene with a critical eye, taking a moment to look over the painting in front of him and then back to the clumsy artist. 

He felt his heart almost break at the other man’s embarrassment. He couldn’t have been angry at him if he tried. “Oh no, don’t apologize. I have tiny hurricanes sweep through my gallery all the time. All you can do is clean up the mess. Here..” He removed a washcloth from his pocket, something that he carried with him just in case he got paint on something himself, and held it out to the other vampire, kneeling in front of him and the mess he created. “Nobody ever said art was a clean business..sometimes it has to get dirty before you have a finished piece.”

He couldn’t help but notice the vampire’s delicate features, hidden under a mop of dark hair. He didn’t seem to be as old as Augustus, but he wasn’t exactly young. “So..what’s your name? I’m Augustus Tresaunt and I own this gallery.” 

Despite the fact that this Augustus seemed to take Gerard’s clumsiness very lightheartedly, he still felt terrible and was very embarrassed for making such a…horrible impression of himself. But it was fairly accurate for who he was after all. The only time that Gerard had any real confidence at all was through the paints that he put on a canvas. He took the washcloth from the other vampire’s hands and started mopping up the mess that he created. He chuckled a little nervously, still not giving a real look at the other man yet. “You should see my flat. Paint all over the place. I’m not much of a cleaner myself. In fact, my classroom is far more tidy then my living space.”

He stood when the mess was finally cleaned up, making sure to wipe his hands as well before reaching his hand out towards Augustus. “I’m Gerard Withinghall. I teach history over at the Institute. Or school. Whatever you would like to call it. And I dabble in art. A bit.” He glanced over at the unfinished painting over his shoulder. “I try…” he said softly. “I’m sorry again, about the mess. It looks like you’ve put together a lovely little gallery, which is quite refreshing in such an isolated place. And I love that you gave the public such access to it. That’s not something that I’ve seen before. The kids will love it…” he trailed off, careful not to ramble.

Gerard tried to keep most of his gaze on their surroundings rather than the vampire before him. He always felt uncomfortable staring directly at another being. Unless he was painting a portrait. That was another matter entirely. His gaze flicking back and forth between the man’s face and the rest of the room he smiled nervously, nibbling on his bottom lip and then clasped his hands gently behind his back.

All The Pretty Visitors


Augustus was prepared to call out to whoemever had entered just as he rounded the corner, starting to form the words just as his eyes caught the small creature that had folded himself in front of one of the canvases. Another vampire. The words that he had formed quickly dissipated out of respect for the other artist. Augustus didn’t dare disturb another creator at work, never. He had learned that lesson long ago. Instead, he quietly took a seat on the chaise lounge across the room, and watched the lovely creature paint. One of the first things he noticed was the long fingers clutching the paintbrush expertly. Artist’s fingers. This one knew what he was doing. He watched as white turned to blue, each place slowly covered up by a different color. 

He couldn’t remember the last time he had the pleasure of watching someone paint without his expert opinion, couldn’t remember the last time he basked in the creativity of another like minded individual. He stayed blissfully silent, not even bothering to start the music back up whenever it stopped. This was art in its finest form, when it was nothing but an idea waiting to be born. 

Finally seeing a hesitation in the artist’s movements, he stood to his feet and crossed the room, a bright, genuine smile crossing his features. “..It’s beautiful.” It was the only thing he said as he waited for the vampire to turn around, keeping a safe, comfortable distance.

As usual, Gerard didn’t really notice the rest of his immediate surroundings while his hands were at work. He didn’t notice the other vampire that entered from where the music was playing. Gerard was far too lost in the colors coming to life before him to be deterred by the other being’s featherlight footsteps on the soft wood floor. He also didn’t notice that the music had in fact stopped, yet, the song of the paint continued to play in his head.

He finally paused and set down his brush briefly to roll up the sleeves of his black button up. The soft voice behind him made Gerard shutter briefly, and he dropped the palette that was in one hand, splattering blue slightly on the wood beneath him. He glanced up and what he now realized was another vampire, his mouth hanging open slightly. “Umm…” he stuttered. “I’m so sorry,” he said quietly. Dark bangs fell slightly into his eyes when he bent down to pick up the palette. “I’m…a bit clumsy,” he added nervously.

Here he was, having entered the art gallery to introduce himself and wanting to communicate his pleasure of having a gallery so close by, and then he goes and splatters paint that will probably stain the beautifully stained wood floor. He moved to push back the stool that he was sitting in and then knocks over the coffee that he long forgot about at his feet, and the dark liquid spreads across the impeccable floor as well. Gerard closed his eyes, cheeks turning a little pink in embarrassment. “I’m so sorry…” he said again.

All The Pretty Visitors


The Starry Night Art Studio and Gallery stood proudly on a dead end street somewhere towards the center of Devilhaven. A grand and stately building supported by the corpselike structures long since abandoned, windows boarded up and graffiti art littering the stucco and brick. There was a certain anarchy to harsh and beautiful lines of the vandal’s work, all of them elaborate or immature in their own way. Perhaps that was why the vampire had chosen this street to open the gallery over any of the others. He had even set up a completely empty room that the public had access to at any time underneath a small awning, and provided loads of spray paint in different colors and textures. A tiny note read “Please paint whatever you would like. The owner won’t mind and gets a good chuckle out of artsy penis drawings. But only here. Any other place and he will personally make sure you sit through at least 30 sermons on how to make your art more refined and therefore make you a horribly boring artist.” As of yet, there hadn’t been an incident. In fact, there was a gorgeous tree painting within a few hours, but if one was to look closely, they would see that hidden inside the bark..was at least three penises. Someone had taken him seriously, indeed. For a few minutes he couldn’t stop laughing, and eventually went back to his own devices.

When one was to step through the door to the Studio, they would find it rather cozy, with several places with easels and different types of paint set up all around the room. These were for anyone who wanted to try painting for themselves, people who wanted to lose themselves in the artwork. The furnishings were rustic and grand in scale, giving the illusion of walking into a castle dedicated solely to art. In another room was a large private studio where Augustus spent most of his time painting or sculpting and listening to music. All the music he had available lined shelves down some of the hallways, everything from Mozart to Iron Maiden, all genres carefully organized. The patrons were more than welcome to listen, but they were never welcome to take them home. 

Unfortunately, business had been rather dismal as of late. Not a lot of creatures came to Devilhaven willingly, not a lot of them found themselves amongst this dark playground. But with the state of the supernatural world around them, and the way things were shaping up, Augustus had a feeling even more would flee into the darkness of this place somewhere on the edge of life and death. Time didn’t pass in the usual way here, and it always seemed to be either sunset or dark. He hadn’t tried to leave, afraid that someone might need him here. 

And so here Augustus Tresaunt was, music blasting as he painted another one of his masterpieces, letting the painting tell him what it wanted to be. It was a Cityscape of New York City, each detail brilliant, but it was branched out like the Tree of Life, each section even more whimsical than the next. His artwork was displayed here and there throughout the gallery, but it was mostly a place for his very vast art collection. One of a kinds from Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Dali, Picasso, and other famous artists carefully and lovingly displayed with benches in front of each piece. Art was one of the only things he had in his life, his last companion passing away in the last war. He killed loneliness by painting it red, sadness by painting it blue, but there was no color for love that he knew of. Not anymore. He sighed and stood back to admire his work, just as he heard the front doors sing their greeting, the bell telling him that someone had slipped into his gallery. He sat down his brushes and started towards the front doors, a spring in his step. 

He was still new to this town. Devilhaven. And despite the fact that he really couldn’t leave without paying a price, he really didn’t have any intention to. After the…chaos that ensued at the last place that he called home, to be isolated in a town with the lost and the forgotten was a little refreshing. This wouldn’t be a place that many supers would want to come, so this isn’t a place that many people would look for him, if anyone ever would want to. And, Gerard found comfort and joy in still being able to be a teacher. It was what he knew best. And what made him feel at home. And despite the failure of that last school that he was employed at, he was still teaching a mixture of species, but on a much smaller scale. It was almost like he was back home, in the 1700’s in a tiny schoolhouse teaching all the kids from the village.

Exiting the small cafe below the second floor walk up that he was renting above it, he made his way down the street towards the institute. He was planning on getting a little grading done before class started later that morning, but something a few doors down caught his eye, and Gerard found himself heading the opposite direction instead. A small smile came to his lips as he approached the new art gallery. Seeing the areas for the public to paint and experiment was a nice touch, and what easily got him in the door. Whoever the owner was of this place, he would definitely need to meet. Hands clasped gently behind his back he glanced over the array of paints and tools that he had available to use on the empty canvases before him. Gerard settled into one of the chairs immediately, glancing over the colors that were placed at the station. A wonderful variety of different hues of blue. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with them, but decided to just let the blood do the work.

Setting the plastic cup of coffee at his feet he took a brush in his hand, testing the bristles and experimenting with the thickness of each of the paint colors before he found one that he was happy with. When he was ready, Gerard just stared at the blank canvas for a moment, releasing a long, deep breath before finally touching the brush to the white expanse before him. As he did when he always painted, he didn’t let his head get in the way of what his hands wanted to do, or wanted to say. Eventually he found himself humming along with the distant music that had been playing from another room. deeper into the gallery. Perhaps it was a little rude of him that he didn’t go introduce himself first, but blank canvases just…bugged him in a way. This room was just far too white. There were too much empty space that needed to be filled, and the artist in him needed to contribute to that.


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This is what it’s like when worlds collide. || Elias & Gerard


"Well, I guess if we’re going to talk like civilized folk, we should at least be able to see each other, hm? I didn’t bother with the light switch…so that’s your job, my friend." He chuckled softly to himself. In a way, it was to see how courageous this young vampire was, to see if he could bring himself to step further into the room. Spider and the Fly. He felt his hands tense up at his sides, pins and needles running down his spine. It was the thrill of the hunt, even though he wasn’t really here to all. "A History teacher, hm? So do you just teach the good parts of History, or do you go further? Find the gritty bits and tell them to the students? Give them something to talk about, make them intellectually sound individuals?" His voice was deep, authoritative, seductive. It was the kind of voice that let somebody know where they stood, and right was mocking. He didn’t expect a straight answer from the vampire, because he was sure some things in history were a bit too violent for the students to here.

"I could say it’s nice to meet you Mr. Withinghall, but honestly you interrupted a perfectly soothing moment." He listened to what the vampire said about being free to remain, and raised an eyebrow. This supernatural creature that should’ve been fighting him to get the fuck out was telling him it was okay for him to stay as long as he didn’t hurt anybody. Considering the fact that he usually went after the big hits, he was almost certain that there wasn’t anybody here worth killing anyway, at least…not right now. "..Alright then. For now you have my word that I won’t hurt anyone…just make sure that they know that if they attack, I will be forced to retaliate." 

Gerard shook his head. “Although I may find myself a constant disappointment of my sire, I’m not that much of a fool.” He stayed at the opening of the great hall. Walking further into the room, whether they were going to be friendly or not, could be signing his own death sentence. “I of course, teach the history that needs to be learned. Whether it is something that needs to be hidden or not. Our history isn’t nearly as romantic as the world believes. It’s bloody and not fair.”

As soon as he heard the man’s tone at the offer that he gave, Gerard regretted it immediately. He was positive Augustus wasn’t going to like this one bit. Neither were the students that remained.  “Why do you even want to stay? There is nothing here that’s worth a hunt for you.”

This is what it’s like when worlds collide. || Elias & Gerard


Joke was on the least, he was pretty sure the man was a vampire now. The paleness of his skin almost gave it away instantly, if not for the fact that he could see a slight aura around the smaller man now that he had moved a couple of steps closer. He did, in fact, wander in here just for the hell of it. He wandered in here because what the fuck else was he going to do with everyone already gone? He smirked, mostly to himself and let his hand hover by his gun. 

Elias had waited a long time to find even one other soul that he could interact with..even if it was in a violent manner. Sharing the woods with one other person tended to get pretty old when most of the monsters were already gone, or ones they invented in their heads when they laid down to sleep at night. “Oh. You want a name? Alright then, I guess I could give you that. It’s Elias Ryder, and I’m here because the door wasn’t locked and it’s fucking cold outside. Obviously I can’t cause too much trouble if there are only what? Three people here?” His eyes shifted around the room. “I guess I could systematically kill each one of you while you’re sleeping, but then I’d get bored. I think keeping you guys alive would be much more fun, much more..beneficial to me.” His lips turned up into a small, almost sheepish smile as he continued. “So I guess if you’re going to demand introductions, I should ask your name too, vampire, that is, if that’s what you are.”

Even being a vampire, Gerard couldn’t see him thoroughly. At least not as comfortable as he would like to, and he was sure this man had plenty more weapons on him than he could already see. For a moment, Gerard mused on how he was sure Matt would be disappointed in him right now. Thinking of ways of how to get out of the situation without any blood rather than just thinking of ways to kill him and make sure he didn’t have any friends that would come looking for him. But he didn’t like blood. And he never would. But he wasn’t the only one here. He and Augustus took it upon themselves to protect those that stayed behind. They were the only ones left that cared about the young supers that everyone seemed to forget about.

"It’s nice to meet you….Mr Ryder." Gerard spoke easily. Perhaps if he seemed less than dangerous this hunter would leave them alone. "My name is Gerard. Gerard Withinghall. And up until recently I was the History teacher here. Other than my companion and myself, all that is left are children. Supers like me of course, but children none the less. We pose you no threat and mean no harm to anyone. This is a sanctuary for people like us. You are free to remain, as long as you pose no threat to anyone else within."

This is what it’s like when worlds collide. || Elias & Gerard


He had lost himself, blissfully, in the lyrics of the song. Entirely relate-able, and chilling. Each apocalyptic word seemed to bounce back at him and echo in the high-ceilinged chamber. Cataclysmic, urgent. His heart thrummed so loudly he would’ve swore it was the underlying drumbeat, and perhaps it was. It was good to be alone with his thoughts, and with his music. In the woods, sometimes it was difficult to decide when would be the appropriate thing to do things such as this, considering a hunter’s life expectancy was so very short with what had been going down all over the world. He secretly hoped it would stop, but Elias wasn’t one to simply give up. Even he knew the Supernaturals were winning this war. Luckily enough, he and Alex were a bit frightening themselves, both in power and in skill. 

Perhaps being lost in his music was the reason that he didn’t notice the door opening, or the footsteps of the creature that had come to occupy the same large space as him. At least, not at first. As he let the song fade into the room, he opened his eyes to the darkness, and saw the silhouette of the figure there at the door. Considering the only lights he had were a few candles that littered the stairway that he had found on tabletops, all of this was more than a bit startling to even this seasoned hunter. His eyes narrowed a moment, trying to get a better view of the slight figure of the man that had opened his mouth in question as to who he was. His hand twitched at his side, and an eerie glow encompassed it. If the man got any closer, he’d find out just how terrible of an idea it was to interrupt him. 

He should’ve known the school wasn’t entirely deserted, that it was too good to be true. But even the Headmaster had gone..he’d seen her leave at least a week ago..leaving her school behind her with poise and grace. He couldn’t get to either of his weapons in time, so he guessed a blast of Holy would be just the thing. But..he might as well humor the tiny supernatural creature (vampire?) in front of him. He smirked, mostly to himself and slowly set his guitar to the side, clearing his throat in the expecting, tense silence. “Well I’m obviously not Batman because I’m not tall enough, and I’m far too blonde. While we’re at it, we can also deduce that I am not a vampire because I’m not pale enough. I’m not an angel because fuck that goody-two-shoes bullshit. I just came to this abandoned place because it’s fucking cold as shit outside. Also, because I just felt like seeing what it looked like again. I didn’t expect to run into somebody else…so I think the question is…..who are you?” He grinned and stood to his feet. There. Now his weapons would be easier to get to…

But if this creature was a Vampire like he thought he was, the Holy blast should do him in in a matter of seconds.

Gerard knew he was in trouble the moment the man looked up at him. Whether he knew this place was truly abandoned or not didn’t matter. Now it was perfectly clear that it wasn’t. And he didn’t wander in here for just the hell of it. Humans didn’t just wander around the school grounds. They didn’t even know that this place existed. The only ones that did, were hunters. And he’s always known that they were around. Part of him had been hoping that the school being abandoned, they would leave. There was nothing here to hunt anymore. Not really.

But apparently, there was still at least one around. Gerard shook his head. “I didn’t ask what you are. I asked who you were. It’s very clear what you are. But I also wonder why you’re here.” He doesn’t get any closer, and stays where he’s at in the doorway. “As you can see, there is no one here that causes any real danger. The few of us that remain have nowhere else to go.”